The Steel Door Advantage

Definis And Sons Steel Doors provide a superb option for maximizing the amount of energy that’s retained inside your home. It has been found that steel actually has close to four times the insulating factor than purely wooden doors have – that’s a big difference.

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The Security Of Steel Doors

When you think of steel or metal what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Strength, that's right! Our steel entry doors are strong and secure.

Whereas Fiberglass, and to a lesser extent aluminum, have a weaker composition that can allow a forced entry if enough force is applied – steel is not movable and made of the immensely strong material that will provide you and your family with the very highest levels of security.

Durability Of Our Steel Doors

Definis And Sons steel doors are manufactured using 20-26 gauge steel which is quite sturdy and reliable. One thing that has to be considered with wooden doors is their propensity to warp and distort – steel will never have these issues no matter what the moisture content of the air.

Steel also has the highest tolerance to extreme weather conditions out of all the entry door options – it can stand up to the fiercest rain storms and gusting wind without any issues.

Before And After

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Before And After Steel Door Install

This beautiful Steel Door improved the way the whole house looks. The interior has also been greatly enhanced. This is a great example of how an improvement, in this case a Steel Door, can increase the value of your home.

Steel Is Stronger

Steel entry doors offer more durability and stability than most wood doors. Steel is stronger than wood and won't warp or crack when impacted by strong forces. The door's inner core may be made of wood, but we can provide even stronger steel doors with a steel core.


Steel entry doors are immensely strong and enduring.


Along with being highly secure, and strong, steel entry doors are the most durable and long-lasting on the market.

Low Maintenance

The only maintenance that needs to be performed on steel doors is a little touch-up painting from time to time.

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