Storm Doors

Definis And Sons Windows & Doors installs a huge variety of Storm Doors. A storm door is installed in front of an exterior door to protect it from bad weather and allow ventilation. Storm doors generally have interchangeable glass panels and window screen panels to provide visibility and prevent flying insects from entering the home.

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What To Look For When You Buy Storm Doors

People will typically be looking to buy a storm door to protect their front door from weather damage and to make their homes more energy efficient. But storm doors can also provide extra security and boost your home's appearance.

If you are in the market for a storm door, aluminum, and vinyl is usually the preferred material. Most manufacturers choose vinyl, or aluminum as the frame for storm doors because it is stronger, more weather resistant and easier to install.

Types Of Storm Doors?

Storm doors are typically made from wood, aluminum, plastics such as vinyl (PVC) and fiberglass. There are three basic types of storm doors: full-view, retractable screen, and ventilating. Full-view storm doors typically include a full glass panel and most an interchangeable full screen.

Energy Efficient

Boost the energy efficiency of your home by adding durable, high-performing storm doors. Typically composed of three layers-the front and back layers may consist of an aluminum skin, while the center layer is foam insulation-storm doors provide an extra pocket of insulation for entry doors. Often, entry doors serve as one of the main points of air leakage in homes. Weak points along the sides, top and bottom of an entry door are protected by the addition of a storm door, which helps block weather from entering the home.

Increased Security

Weather's not the only thing a storm door can protect you from. If security is a concern for your home, choose from storm doors that come equipped with protective grilles, heavy duty security glass and multi-point locking systems to discourage and inhibit intruders.

Weather Factors

Storm doors provide an extra layer of protection against all kinds of inclement weather. They insulate your home the same way storm windows and double paned windows do-by creating a barrier of warm air that stays trapped between the storm door and entry door and prevents cold weather from entering your home.

Loads Of Options

In addition to the many colors, styles, and materials you can choose from when designing your custom door, storm doors are available in various combinations of glass and screen panels. Often, panels can be removed or changed, so you can adjust the style of your storm door to fit the season.

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