Let The Sun In With A Garden Window

Enjoy summer year-round as sunlight pours through every dimension of your Garden Window expertly installed by DeFinis And Sons. A Garden Window is almost like having a new room - with all the styling options to enhance your home's decor.

Welcome in even more sunshine with the architectural lines of our trapezoid vents. You'll dazzle friends with your exotic plants blooming in the middle of winter on a sturdy Exolite plant shelf - a display worthy of your favorite florist. With the easy installation of your new custom-sized Garden Window, you'll feel you're on a tropical vacation 12 months of the year!

A Great Home Improvement With Garden Windows

Definis And Sons provides one of the best ways to improve your home and add value. By adding a garden window, you increase the value of your home. Usually added in your kitchen, a garden window is one of the best and most enjoyable investments you can make for your home. As home improvements go, this is on the less costly investments, but huge in terms of enjoyment and benefits.

If you are thinking of getting a garden window for your home, it is fun to think about and plan on growing vegetables and herbs for your kitchen, and to enjoy the added space, and light that comes in through a beautiful garden window from Definis And Sons.

Enjoy Your Kitchen More With A Garden Window

A garden window added to your kitchen adds the perfect place to put potted plants. It is like a blank canvas to bring color and life into your kitchen design. And, like a green house, a lot of light pours into the window, so you will notice amazing growth of vegetables and herbs. Garden windows come with large panes of glass that do a great job of letting the light into your kitchen. A garden window is designed to allow more light in from the sky above, and makes kitchen tasks easier and more enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are garden windows a good idea?

Garden windows bring more light into the room than a flat window, and if you choose one that will open, it can provide more fresh air as well. Even if it's a small window the extra light and source of air can be refreshing. You can create more shelf space in the window area for the room with a garden window.

Q. Are garden windows energy efficient?

Our energy-efficient vinyl garden windows help reduce your energy bills while making your home more comfortable year-round. It's the result of fusion-welded multi-chambered vinyl frames, high performance insulated glass units, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and stringent quality standards.

Q. What does a garden window look like?

A garden window is like a greenhouse, except it is a window, smaller and is typically located above the kitchen sink. The three-dimensional windows protrude out about 18 inches and create a little nook for herb gardens, flowers and anything else you want to showcase

Q. What is a garden window for the kitchen?

Installing a garden window above your kitchen sink adds light and display space for plants or décor. Garden windows can make a massive difference in the look and energy your room gives off. A garden window is like a bay window, except has the added benefit of being able to produce plants like a greenhouse.

Get Your Questions Answered Fast

We install hunderds of garden windows a year, so we know all about the many options avaialble. We enjoy helping you pick the right garden window for your home. Our free consultation is fast and easy. Give us a call at (215) 624-7118, or fill out the handy form below, and we will have you looking through a beautiful garden window in no time!