Vinyl Double Hung Windows

Windows are truly the eyes of your home... eyes that open your home to the beauty of light and space - and speak volumes about your taste and personality. Now... you can let the eyes of your home say who you really are... with the wonderful range of styles and options you'll discover with DeFinis and Sons Windows

Picture a cozy morning as you linger over coffee in comfort, your custom windows creating a dual-insulating harbor of sunshine between you and the elements. It's a dream to clean your Double Hung windows, too, because each sash tilts in where you can reach it. And your eyes will light up when you see what you save on energy.

Best of all, our windows are available in 12 colors, have foam enhanced frames, are custom-made to fit your opening, and have many glass options to choose from. Most of all, they are professionally installed!

Why Buy Vinyl Double Hung Windows?

If your existing windows are older, warped, or slightly inefficient, then much of the heat and air conditioning produced in your home can be lost through air gaps in the windows and the window frame. By replacing old windows, you will be able to stop drafty air flows, be more comfortable and save money.

Definis And Sons Double Hung windows come in a huge range of colors and styles along with custom grids and behind the glass raise/tilt blinds.

Benefits Of Vinyl Double Hung Windows?

If you invest in energy-efficient features, you will be rewarded. Estimates show that most homeowners receive up to 50 percent energy savings by choosing a top of the line window energy efficient Double Hung.

Double Hung windows are roomy and can easily accommodate window size air conditioners. If you are looking for a window with decent ventilation that is easy to open and easy to fit with an air conditioner, then Double Hung windows by Definis And Sons are a good choice.

Maintenance Freee

Double Hung window maintenance is hassle-free. New styles of Double Hung windows tilt in, so you can clean the exterior glass quickly without going outside or getting on a ladder!

Superior Ventilation

Speaking about advantages of Double Hung windows, ventilation is an important factor. Either the top or bottom panel of the window can slide to let in air through a window screen.

Double Hung Windows

Take a look at a small sample of the styles we have available. We have over 350 different syles to choose from!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Do Double Hung Windows Cost?

One of the most popular questions by far is “how much do replacement windows cost?” You might find that asking this question yields variable results. This is because many different factors play a role in the cost of Double Hung windows including frame material, and energy efficiency options. Although you’ll find Double Hung windows advertised with prices starting as low as $199 per unit, you won’t know the real cost until you schedule a free estimate. This is the best way to determine the true cost for your windows.

Q. Will Double Hung Windows Save On Energy Costs?

New window installation can certainly help save energy. However, it’s important to know that your windows should include several important components for maximum energy savings. When you’re in the process of choosing your new Double Hung windows, be sure that the glass package includes features like; dual or triple pane glass, Argon or Krypton gas, and Energy Star certification

Q. How Do I Clean Double Hung Windows?

Double Hung windows are without doubt one of the easiest windows to clean. You won’t have to worry about climbing up on dangerous ladders and attempting to conquer your fear of heights with this window style. This is because the Double Hung window is engineered with a tilt-in sash. Simply press the release buttons on the sash and pull it toward you to open. From here, you can use your cleaning product of choice to clean the glass and the frames. To remove stubborn dirt from the windowsill, allow baking soda and a bit of vinegar to soak for a few minutes in the track. Scrub the track with a toothbrush and then wipe the remaining residue away with a paper towel.

Q. When Should I Upgrade To New Double Hung Windows?

There are a few ways to tell if your windows need replacing. First, consider the age of the windows and their quality. Low quality windows may last about 7 years or so.For higher quality windows, you can get at least 15—if not closer to 20 years. Another way to tell if your windows need replaced is by checking for drafts. You’ll be able to feel large drafts around the frames with your hand. You may also see the curtains slightly moving when the wind blows while the windows are closed. To detect smaller drafts, you can light an incense stick on a windy day and hold it close to the window frame. Making sure all interior doors are closed, you can see small movements in the smoke when the wind blows outside.

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